Spank: the 2nd Lashing

Schedule for 2016

Come join us for an adventurous weekend of fun, excitement, learning, games, prizes, and community.

We have the Wonderful, humorous, Quick witted guest speaker Travis also known at Shaman723.

He is well known for his whip work but also has a plethora of knowledge in many aspects of the BDSM world. He will be presenting an informal discussion called coffee and crack. This will be on whips and more. Travis will also be presenting a communications and mind fucks class as well. Don’t miss out on his wonderful classes designed to entertain as well as pass on his expansive knowledge.

WolfMoon73 will be presenting a discussion on boot blacking. This is a great class for those interested in those awesome looking boots and care of leather product./

Mike will be doing an informal discussion on rope. His lovey wife Heather will help him in showing you the way they do suspension and more.

RoseyCheeked1 will be presenting BDSM 101 for our beginners. This discussion covers terminology, consent, etiquette, and protocols in the dungeon and play time. If you are new to BDSM you must take this class for all the rules before entering our dungeon so don’t miss out.

LakotaWoman will be presenting the Art and Science of Fire play. She will be outlining safety measures as well as the many types of fire play used. Along with this topic she will be doing a hands on class on making fire wands. You get to make your own fire wand and take it home with you. There is a $4.00 fee to cover materials for wand making.

*Thank you for coming and have a safe journey home. Hope to see you all at our next event.

"Event Registration Coming Soon"